There can be regulations in Denmark on simply how much landlords can charge for a rental apartment. In Copenhagen, you must not pay above DKK 1,000-1,200/m2 per year. That is the same as maximum DKK 5,000/month for just a 50 m2 apartment. This is a lot lower away from the big cities.

However, many tenants have no idea of this – and landlords recognize that – so way so many people live in apartments that could have the rent lowered by several thousand kroners each month.

Further down, you possibly can discover the different rules in the event you are living in a new building.

If you’re actually aware of the regulations that result from Denmark and know that the apartment you are to be had is determined at a exorbitant a rent, there’s no problem that you accept the offer and then start the case afterward.

That is certainly also the case although you may have signed the contract – if the landlord is demanding a rent that is definitely too big, a person always has the right to start a situation to decrease it. Just remember whenever you commence so prior to deciding to have lived inside the apartment for 12 months you receive compensated to the overpaid rent for the entire period. Once the 12 months, you just reduce your rent money for hard times – which, needless to say, צימרים בצפון can be nice!

There exists a myth that when you as being a landlord don’t rent out your apartment for upwards of a couple of years, צימרים בצפון it’s possible to kick out your tenant. This, צימרים בצפון however, is just not correct. For a landlord, you generally need a sound reason to set a time period around the lease regardless of how long that you are renting your apartment.

In fact, there are just not many situations where it can be even simple for landlords to get a time period limit in your rental contract. And they’ve to state that particular reason clearly while in the contract.

Unfortunately, the regulations for the rent don’t apply should your apartment is in a building built after December 31, 1991. Over these “new-built” buildings, the landlord can basically demand the rent he wants (unless it’s a far too high and unfair rent). Therefore, it will rarely be possible to reduce your rent living in a building from 1992 or later.

There may still be issues from your rental situation that means that you can start a case; one example is if your landlord is refusing to repay your deposit. Regarding that next!

In case you are having problems having your deposit back out of your landlord it is usually while he claims you lead to flaws that existed after you moved in. But, in case you find it difficult to prove the flaws were there once you moved in, it will be quite challenging to find the deposit back.

Therefore, our best advice is always to go nuts with you got it and take pictures of everything which may arise when it’s time to move out. Here, it is also a good idea to send the images inside an email to your landlord, lawyer or friend, so you have a documented date at the time the wonderful pictures were taken.

However, צימרים בצפון another choices to ensure that the flaws is indexed by the obligatory “indflytningsrapport” the document worked out from the start of lease and which documents all flaws inside apartment.

Jacquie Gulley
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